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TiaSanta is a restaurant specialising healthy, tasty and sustainable fine cuisine. It aims to attract a public interested in food, cuisine and health, concerned with environmental issues and social and territorial balance. 

TiaSanta is also committed to offering its customers this good and healthy cuisine at a competitive price, ensuring that they may enjoy healthy and tasty food with a quick service if that is what they desire. Our aim is for our customers to be able to come regularly by adapting to their budget, whilst allowing them to eat healthily and also quickly, if that is their desire.

The commitment of TiaSanta is for every dish and gastronomic proposal to have an impact due to its flavour and visual attractiveness. Our dishes and place settings are for those with a sensitivity towards cooking and believe that the enjoyment of a dish is not only due to its taste, but also through the sense of sight. 

The ingredients we use are healthy, considering that the majority are ecological and we always try to use ingredients that have been selected for their high nutritional value. We believe ecological cuisine to be more free from the chemicals that are harmful to our organism. 

Our  suppliers pass a rigorous selection process to guarantee, insofar as possible, the proximity and ecology of the produce, as well as the artisanal techniques used in their preparation and a superior taste.

With the staple foods we use we are trying to recover their origins: bread being authentic bread, olive oil tasting just like it used to and with a lower acidity, and vegetables being mostly organic and having a flavour that we are not accustomed to finding.

The range of dishes is complete and includes products of both vegetable and animal origin. TiaSanta adapts to every form of health eating there is: dishes for vegans, vegetarians, raw vegans and meat eaters. You will find tasty dishes for each style of eating. TiaSanta pays special attention to segments of the population who require special diets such as those who are intolerant or allergic.

TiaSanta is accompanying Barcelona in its desire to become a leading city with a culture of vegetarianism and veganism.

We are what we eat. In this regard, TiaSanta offers nutritional and healthy cuisine which at the same time is incredibly tasty so that you may enjoy it and be healthy. In other words, Healthy and Tasty Food.

So that we can enjoy a long and full life by eating better!

This is TiaSanta, the selection of the best ingredients mother nature has to offer, to create healthy and tasty food.

The 6 Pillars of TiaSanta

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Organoleptic gourmet cooking and presentation

  • Our goal is to make tasty dishes and recover the flavours from basic ingredients. So that bread tastes like bread, with all the basic ingredients.
  • Our aim is for the taste of our dishes not only to come from the most powerful taste of the ingredients we use, given that they are carefully selected, but also to surprise with the combination of flavours.
  • The objective of our product is for you to have the flavours of local produce on the one hand, and those of other cultures on the other. With a perspective of contrasts that reflect Barcelona society. We try to ensure that all of them have high nutritional value.
  • The presentation of each dish should be a surprise to our customers. Our aim is present carefully prepared dishes, which are attractive and surprising.
  • We adapt the salads to the particular taste of each customer, preparing the salad to each customers demands.

Social commitment

  • Awareness of those minorities that have intolerances or allergies so that they may have dishes prepared especially for them. We at TiaSanta do our utmost to take into account these intolerances in the different dishes so that these groups can have a culinary range adapted to their needs without being overpriced.
  • Awareness of all forms of food. Especially vegetarians and vegans who typically have a very strong ecological and social commitment. At TiaSanta, it is our goal for this group to have tasty dishes created with them in mind. 
  • Awareness of companies with a social commitment linked to cooking and food.
  • Awareness of global issues connected to the environment and social rights.
  • A commitment to society to offer fair, tasty and healthy food at a reasonable price.
  • TiaSanta is associated with:

Quick service and competitive price

  • Our goal is for our customers to be able to enjoy a full healthy meal in a short space of time, if so required by their professional or personal obligations. Eating well and healthily should not be sacrificed in order to be able to eat quickly.
  • Our ingredients have a medium-high cost, given that the majority are ecological and have been selected for having a superior flavour or healthy properties. Our commitment to society is to be able to provide a place to allow the population to be able to eat healthily at a competitive price.

Commitment to sustainability

  • Commitment to local suppliers with a small production.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Commitment to social organisations and the problem of food wastage.

Healthy cooking

  • A good proportion of the ingredients we use are either ecological, produced locally or by small scale producers who carefully tend to the product they cultivate or make.
  • We try to use the same ingredients as always or new ones in our culture that have a high nutritional value.

Use of technology to fulfil our philosophy

  • An awareness of the use of preparation and cooking technologies which preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the product.
  • Use of technology in general to achieve healthy and tasty dishes.
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Our suppliers

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TiaSanta has carried out a careful selection of its suppliers in order to fulfil, insofar as possible, its philosophy of creating healthy and tasty food. In this regard, we have carried out a rigorous selection process, prioritising suppliers who fulfil a series of requirements:

  • Local producers.
  • Small producers who take great care of their products.
  • We prioritise ecological producers.
  • Producers whose products have a distinctive flavour.
  • In the case of products that require processing, where possible, this is done by using artisanal techniques or these preserve a higher nutritional value.
  • Suppliers with distinguishing products.

By way of example:

  • Our extra virgin olive oil has an acidity of below 0.2%, this being an exceptionally low level of acidity, thus making it more healthy. The olives are pressed in a mechanical mill within hours of being collected, guaranteeing the organoleptic and healthy qualities of the product.
  • Our bread is made from sourdough and only mechanical tools are used in its preparation, thus guaranteeing a greater nutritional value. This is an artisanal bread where due to the use of mechanical resources only grains of the highest quality can be used. Additionally, we have unusual products such as rye bread.
  • Our smoothies are made using the cold-pressed method, in other words, by a mechanical press rather than by means of centrifugation, thus obtaining a superior flavour and greater nutritional qualities for longer.
  • Our producer of goat cheese and yogurt has his own farm of 200 goats close to Barcelona and he personally produces the yoghurt and cheese using artisanal methods.
  • One of our ecological meat suppliers is a third generation family business in the Lleida Pyrenees with a herd of around 200 cows. The herd is ecologically bred with complete control of the value chain throughout the production process until the product arrives at TiaSanta. The time from the moment the animal is slaughtered until the meat is delivered is about two days. This control of the whole production process until delivery at our restaurant guarantees maximum quality.
  • Our largest supplier of pulses and vegetables is a producer located some 20 kilometres from Barcelona. The producer is ecologically certified for all its production and grows unique varieties such as white aubergine and vegetables originating from other continents with a proven high nutritional value, such as quinoa, kale and Milan cabbage.

Our menu

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Group Menu

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TiaSanta has menus for groups from 7 people on at a fixed price. We are flexible if you want to change any proposed dish in a menu by another in the carte menu, change beverages or if you have a different budget.

If you like the proposed menus, you can book through our web (, El Tenedor’s ( or TripAdvisor’s ( website or by telephone at +34 936 399 901 and indicate the chosen menu.

If you want a personalized menu, you can call us or write to us at We will be happy to assist you..


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To book, select below the date, time and number of guests and we will send you the confirmation of your reservation immediately. Thank you.

To book you can also write an email to with your name, mobile phone, day and time of booking and the number of people. We will confirm the reservation by phone as soon as possible. Calls can also be made to the number +34 936 399 901. Thank you.

*Reservations subject to confirmation. To receive confirmation your phone number is essential.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal 15/1999). If you want to learn more about our Privacy Policy, please follow this link.


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Our restaurant is located in Carrer Còrsega, 337 (corner with Pau Claris, near Passeig de Gràcia) in Barcelona. The contact telephone number is +34 936 399 901.

For information you can write to We hope that your experience is very satisfactory. However, for suggestions or complaints may be directed to Enter your name and phone. We will reply personally.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal 15/1999). If you want to learn more about our Privacy Policy, please follow this link.